Macroeconomic Update | Capital Importation | Q2:2020

Figures from the Capital Importation report for Q2:2020, recently published by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS), revealed that the total value of capital inflows during the period settled at USD1.29bn, indicating a decline of 78.60% from Q2:2019 or 77.88% from Q1:2020. Strikingly, these figures represent the lowest levels of capital inflows in over twelve quarters since the economy exited recession in 2017. A marked drop in Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) by 91.14% YoY or 91.06% QoQ, to USD385.32mn was largely responsible for this decline. In similar fashion, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) fell by 33.41% YoY or 30.65% QoQ to USD148.59mn, while Other Investment Inflows dipped by 48.60% YoY or 42.81% QoQ to USD761.03mn

Click on the link below to access the full report:

Macroeconomic Update_Capital Importation_Q2_2020


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